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Frontiers of Flight Museum hosts G.I. Joe Exhibit

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is hosting an exhibit of pilot flight clothing.  What is unusual is that the models for the clothing are all 1/6th scale. Members of the DFW G.I. Joe Club graciously consented to use some of their figures to model pilots clothing and equipment from the Wright Brothers to the latest USAF and USN gear. 

Bob Welch, Museum Education Coordinator and member of the DFW chapter developed the idea and obtained the Museumís go ahead.  He then brought the idea to the group and support was widespread and immediate.  Tucked away between the World War II and the Cold War exhibits, the display consists of over 23 figures.  Some are converted figures such as the Air Mail Service Pilot and aviatrix while others are stock figures.  Figures from Hasbro, Dragon, BBI, DID and others make up the exhibit. 

The Museum staff and volunteers are thrilled with the result.  Museum Executive Director Dan Hamilton stated that he thought the exhibit added that bit of history that is not able to be displayed on full sized mannequins.  Many of the Museum volunteers have pointed out areas where the manufactures got it right (or wrong in a couple of cases) and enjoy taking their tour groups past the case.  There is no definite end date to the display as yet.  The Frontiers of Flight Museum is a 501C3 organization and is located at 6911 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX in the southeast section of Love Field airport.  The Museum is open from 10am till 5pm, Monday through Saturday and from 1pm till 5pm on Sunday.


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G.I. Joe (Show) Invades Arlington

Updated 5:15 PM CDT, Mon, Jun 28, 2010


Sarah Lutz

Charles Bellows is proud to say heís passed on his hobby to his son as an addiction.

A school teacher in Lake Whitney, Bellows said he was four or six years old when he

got his first G.I. Joe. Now that his son Alex Bellows is that age he brought him to

his first G.I. Joe convention.

The sixth Great Texas G.I. Joe Show featured action figures of all shapes and sizes this

weekend at the Arlington Convention Center. Vendors from across the country came to sell, buy and trade.

Bellows said he didnít get anything for himself, but his son made off like a bandit.

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First Published: Jun 28, 2010 1:41 PM CDT

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