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G.I. JOE Collectors' Club

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Hank Dillon - President

Keith Holmes  - Vice President

Saul Friedman - Club Historian

Bob Welch - Treasurer

Hello, my name is Hank Dillon. I'm the Club President and Web Admin. for this site. I collect mainly GIJOE ACTION FIGURES (vintage and new) and a few other 1/6th scale figures from time to time. I enjoy kit-bashing and tracking down that rare vintage item I still need for my collection. I do have some custom John Wayne figures that I prized. My e-mail address is

Wants - More members for the DFW JOE CLUB!


Hello, my name is Greg Brown and I like long walks in the park and...oops, wrong website.  My Joe collecting started 33 years ago when I got my first Land Adventurer - it's been downhill all the way.  I collect mostly Adventure Team, but also collect 1:6 scale WWII and Modern figures.  The DFW Club is a great venue to share war stories with others who have my same addiction.  For a good time, call

WANTS: a good condtioned AT Big Trapper.


Hi, I'm Keith Holmes. I've been collecting every since the release of the 12 inch figures in the 90's.  Most of my collection focuses around 12 inch World War II, but I also have other military era figures as well as Sci Fi.  I have a small collection of vintage as well.  We are also known to build a few dios.  Please feel free to visit or join our group if you have similiar interest.  You can contact me at

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My name is Bob Welch and I am the treasurer of this group of "gentlemen" (we could use a few good gals also).  I am retired Army and collected my first Joe the year they came out.  That Christmas, I got 7 of them and was in heaven.  Twenty plus years later, my son and I got started collecting again.  Well, he was 5 and I was...older, but this has become OUR bonding hobby.  Now he is in the Army but we still collect just about anything 1/6.  My passion is ETO Army while his is modern military.  If you want to pay your dues, my email is and subject line should have something about the DFW Joe Club or it might wind up in the dump file.


Welcome to our site. My name is Michael L. Milstead. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of gents! My collection consists of mostly movie and comic related 1/6th scale figures and vehicles, although I still pick up the occasional Star Wars, Marvel, or DC related action figure. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Wants - New club members with a diversity of action figure collecting interests.


Hi, my name is Saul and I have a problem collecting 1/6 scale figures. But this is a good problem to have. I received my first Joe about 1968 and enjoyed them ever since and I was too old to get into the 3&3/4" line. My main area of interest is in WWII Allied and pilots of all eras with a few superheroes thrown into the mix. This group has really expanded my knowledge and "need" to continue collecting and they got me into customizing the stuff I now have on shelves. It is really great meeting and spending some time with people of different backgrounds and interests who also enjoy this hobby. 


Hi, my name is Scott Seacat, and I am but a humble member of the group. I collect historical figures. Figures that look like the American Presidents and figures that show the historical evolution of the soldier from ancient times to modern United States.

I want to finish customizing my Scarlett.



Greg "Pookie" Patterson member of the DFWGIJCC for several years now. I was a "Baby Boomers" from the 60's having original 12" GI Joe's from my childhood. I put them up during the  70's ,80' & 90's & got re-interested in 2003 about the time of the 40th anniversary/timeless figures. Began collecting, buying & selling the 40th, and now, here we are today. I enjoy the relationships of collecting & customizing GI Joe's, with members of the club.


Hi , I'm a model builder by day and bass player by night. I've been collecting since my grandmother gave me my first fig back in 1968. I collect mostly WWII but I've been interested in modern stuff lately since I read the book "Lone Survivor".

Randy Thornton


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